About Mbland.

I try to take my camera everywhere. I don't know a lot about photography, I learn what I can as I go.



Impressive cathedral. Victor Djorbenadze 



Soaked Stone.

Soaked Stone reflecting the steel tower.

As traffic lies beneath.

Sunken Ship, indeterminable sink.

The corners of a city are dark and sinister at best.

Open the Bridge, open it for us.

Stereotypical 'hipster bike under streetlamp' shot. Bro.

Warm Bricks.

Comfort in waves of sound.

Heaven Glows over an earthly hell.

Veiw from BP Arch studio, Jan12.

Red Ambient Sky

Quaint house between the trees.

Towers of smoke and the ball of flame.



Stuttgart (Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich) study visit.

Slanted Glass. Mercedes museum, Stuttgart.

Escalation Overlap.

Pastel Walls. BMW Museum, Munich.

Warp in. Warp out. Warp twist. BMW Welt, Munich.

Bicycles left behind. Munich Olympic complex.

Talking freunde.

Autumn Courtyard.

Scattered Leaves.

One man, a guitar and his dog.

Tug Boat in the Misty Morning.

Landing Pad.

Blue water I

Levels and Contrasting Colours.

Warp Form.


Reflected Geometry.

All the Way to the Top.

Blue into Yellow.


Glow. BMW Museum.